The 10-Week Total Image Method for Transforming Your Physique


By Bob Paris

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“This book is priceless. Contains secrets on how a man, any man…can achieve his ideal body. Bob gives away secrets.” — Joyce Vedral, author of Gut Busters

“Learning from a champion like Bob will maximize your potential…Beyond Built will…provide a complete understanding of bodybuilding’s most important elements.”-Lou Ferrigno

Champion bodybuilder Paris follows his Beyond Built with this unique program for “accelerated gains” that will give the reader the body he wants in only ten weeks. Included are step-by-step methods to accelerate the bodyshaping process, attain a total image, motivate the mind, customize one’s diet, feel great, and keep the results.


  • "Bob's work shines. His exercise content, description and evaluation are outstanding. Few pros succeed in explaining exercise movement and muscle performance as effectively and clearly...Bob's mastery is evident."
    Dave Draper
  • "Listen to what he has to say. It can help you create your ideal workout. Bob Paris is a great bodybuilding champion who knows the ins and outs of creating a muscular physique."
    Joe Weider, publisher of Men's Fitness

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Feb 28, 2009
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294 pages

Bob Paris

About the Author

Bob Paris was the 1983 NPC American National and IFBB World Bodybuilding Champion, Mr. Universe.

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