Summit Leadership

Taking Your Team to the Top


By Blair Singer

Foreword by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Read by Blair Singer

Read by Garrett Sutton, Esq.

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Building or running a business is more than a journey. It’s an adventure. Adventure assumes there is risk in the air. For many business owners, the adventure of building a business is a long one, and there are many lessons to be learned over that extended period of time. That takes unwavering commitment, a serious dose of tenacity, and the ability to embrace adventure.
Using the experience of successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro drives years of business building into a 7-day mountain leadership adventure where the pinnacle, as well as the sometimes-harsh lessons of the mountain, track exactly with the building of a business. From the moment your spirit is engaged when you commit to the climb until you return home safe and successful, Summit Leadership mirrors the same trail of mission building and ultimate business team victory that entrepreneurs strive for.
The multi-faceted challenge we faced in scaling “Kili” was a microcosm of all that owning and growing a business entails. Those who have experienced the exhilaration and challenges of it have gone on to build amazing businesses and become legendary leaders. With each ascent in altitude with the author, this guidebook explores the critical lessons to lead you and your teams to the summit and beyond.

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Aug 30, 2022
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Blair Singer

About the Author

The distance between you and the life that you want is only the distance between your right and left ears.  Additionally, the toughest sale of all is you selling you to you.  Third is that any great adventure requires a mission-based, value-driven team. 
Applying these three principles, Blair has helped change the trajectory of hundreds of thousands of lives and businesses in over forty countries over the last three decades. From pounding the streets as a struggling sales representative in the early 80s to inspiring the hearts and visions of millions today, his life and career have been an adventure. 
As a best-selling author and one-of-a-kind teacher, Blair’s unique messages and unconventional style have supported business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide.  His focus is to help them increase sales, build champion-level teams, and make huge differences in their industries.  He has worked extensively with Singapore Airlines, all L’Oreal brands globally, private banks, and hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.  His adventure is the journey of the average guy rising above mediocrity to find greatness. 
He is the founder of the Blair Singer Training Academy and Blair Singer’s APEX system, which trains and certifies the best change agents in the world. 
He is the best-selling author of:

  • “SalesDogs®” – You don’t have to be an Attack Dog to Explode your Income,
  • “Team Code of Honor” – Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life,
  • “Little Voice Mastery™”- How to Win the War Between Your Ears in Thirty Seconds or Less
  • “Summit Leadership” – How to take your team to the top.

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