The Insect Epiphany

How Our Six-Legged Allies Shape Human Culture

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By Barrett Klein

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From entomologist Barrett Klein comes a buzz-worthy exploration of the many ways insects have affected human society, history, and culture

Insects surround us. They fuel life on Earth through their roles as pollinators, predators, and prey, but rarely do we consider the outsize influence they have had on our culture and civilization. Their anatomy and habits inform how we live, work, create art, and innovate. Featuring nearly 250 color images—from ancient etchings to avant-garde art, from bug-based meals to haute couture—The Insect Epiphany proves that our world would look very different without insects, not just because they are crucial to our ecosystems, but because they have shaped and inspired so many aspects of what makes us human.


  • The Insect Epiphany has substantially broadened my appreciation of insects, with a fascinating dive into the services—beyond the ecological ones—that they perform. Indeed, this book has given me my own unexpected epiphany that insects have impacted human cultures and molded our lives in myriad ways I hadn’t imagined.”

    Douglas W. Tallamy, author of Nature’s Best Hope
  • The Insect Epiphany is exceptionally beautiful, deeply enlightening, and just a little bizarre.  If you're a stranger to Barrett Klein, entomologist and artist extraordinaire, then this book is an ideal way to make his acquaintance and enjoy his special knowledge.”

    Thomas D. Seeley, author of Honeybee Democracy
  • "Playful, erudite, endlessly imaginative, and written with exacting clarity, The Insect Epiphany is overflowing with fascinating information and deep scholarly knowledge. An enthralling ride, it will change how you think about insects and, perhaps more importantly, it will also change how you think about yourself."

    Hugh Raffles, author of Insectopedia
  • “A personal—and personable—guide to cultural entomology. ‘Tour de force’ doesn’t do The Insect Epiphany justice. It’s a triumph!”

    May Berenbaum, National Medal of Science award–winning entomologist

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Oct 15, 2024
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368 pages
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Barrett Klein

About the Author

Barrett Klein investigates mysteries of sleep in societies of insects, creates entomo-art, and is ever on the search for curious connections that bind our lives with our six-legged allies. Barrett studied entomology at Cornell University and the University of Arizona, fabricated natural history exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, worked with honey bees for his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, and spearheaded the Pupating Lab at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. He celebrates biodiversity and the intersection of science and art, and believes fully that embracing the beauty of insects can transform our lives and our world.

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