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By Alexander B. Adams

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In the Apaches' final campaign, Geronimo led 19 warriors against 5,000 U.S. troops. No Apaches were killed, and the U.S. suffered heavy casualties. For the Apaches could travel seventy miles a day on foot, lay a deadly ambush in country so open a white man could not find a hiding place, and elude pursuit by scattering in every direction, only to reassemble as soon as the force was gone. Probably the greatest foot soldiers ever known, they held the U.S. Army at bay for forty years. This book tells the stories of Geronimo, his Apache warriors, and his American enemies with vigor and verve. Unequaled in depth and scope, this definitive biography is an engrossing, dramatic, colorful, historically accurate account of a long-misunderstood figure.

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Mar 22, 1990
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Alexander B. Adams

About the Author

Alexander B. Adams has been a newspaper writer; FBI agent, vice president of two large banks, head of a prominent conservation agency, and the author of Audubon and Eleventh Hour.

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