Ardent Violet and the Infinite Eye

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By Alex White

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A ragtag band of musicians is all that stands in the way between an army of giant mechas and humanity's total destruction in the second book of this big-hearted, technicolor space opera trilogy by one of the most exciting voices in science fiction, Alex White.

Ultra-glam enby pop star Ardent Violet thought they could catch a break and enjoy some time with their new boyfriend August Kitko after defeating the giant mechas hellbent on humanity's destruction. However, Ardent didn't count on their mecha allies summoning a host of extraterrestrials to defend Earth.

Between the diplomatic entanglements of the newly-arrived alien Coalition, and a mysterious all-powerful AI establishing a base within their solar system, there's no rest for the wicked.

When August makes a discovery that could turn the tide of the war, Ardent Violet finds themself back in the spotlight for an encore!

The Starmetal Symphony 
August Kitko and the Mechas from Space 
Ardent Violet and the Infinite Eye 

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Dec 3, 2024
Page Count
448 pages

Alex White

Alex White

About the Author

Alex White was born and raised in the American South. They take photos, write music, and spend hours on YouTube watching other people blacksmith. They value challenging and subversive writing, but they’ll settle for a good time.

Alex lives in the shadow of Huntsville, Alabama’s rockets with their spouse, son, two dogs and a cat named Grim. Favored pastimes include Legos and racecars. They take their whiskey neat and their espresso black.

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