Outside Nowhere


By Adam Borba

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From the author of The Midnight Brigade, this heartwarming and humorous middle grade novel follows one boy's summer adventure at a peculiar farm in the middle of nowhere. 

Charming and funny, Parker Kelbrook can wriggle out of anything he doesn’t want to do. So when he’s forced to take a job at the local pool—a threat to his beach-filled summer plans—he comes up with the perfect prank to get himself fired.

Once Parker’s father catches wind of his latest scheme, he decides enough is enough, and Parker is sent halfway across the country to work on a farm alongside five other kids who aren't his biggest fans. As Parker learns to roll up his sleeves and keep his head down, strange things start happening. And after he awakens one morning to find a seventeen-hundred-pound dairy cow on the roof of a barn, he suspects that something magical and mysterious is growing in the farm’s fields.

Adam Borba presents a whimsical new story about a boy’s discovery that mistakes and miracles can have serious consequences.

  • "A memorable season of mystery, mischief, and marvels."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Blended with a quirky, fable-like third-person narrative, the farm’s magical and mysterious elements build to an intriguing novel with a strong emotional core."
    Publishers Weekly
  • Praise for The Midnight Brigade:
    * "Tongue-in-cheek frolic."
    Booklist, starred
  • "[The] humorous novel features a likable cast of middle school kids and their families...spot art greatly enhances the text, bringing the setting and characters' emotions to life...An unusual story about forging new bonds."
    Kirkus Reviews
  • "Carl’s parents are realistically flawed, and his mix of feelings around their constant fighting ring true...through Borba’s whimsical, sincere debut."
    Publishers Weekly
  • “Pittsburgh! Monsters! Pierogies! This book has all my favorite things packed into a delightful, mysterious adventure!” 
    Jonathan Auxier, NYT bestselling author of The Night Gardener
  • "A delightful, deeply felt, entirely original debut. You'll remember these characters and their stories long after you close the book, and you'll never look at a bridge the same way again. I'll be sending in my application to join the Midnight Brigade right away!"
    Jarrett Lerner, creator of the EngiNerds series
  • "...dramatic and amusing...[a] cheering read for children ages 8-12. In Mr. Borba's milieu, children admire and respect their parents, parents admire and respect their children, and trolls give good advice."

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Apr 14, 2026
Page Count
272 pages

Adam Borba

About the Author

ADAM BORBA is a writer and filmmaker from California who helps develop and produce movies for Walt Disney Studios. He is the author of The Midnight Brigade. Outside Nowhere is his second novel.

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