Jennifer Walker

About the Author

Jennifer Walker’s maternal great-grandparents were two of the estimated 15,000 Polish immigrants who settled in the waterfront community of Fell’s Point in Baltimore around the turn of the 20th century. This family history gives her strong ties to the city and is one of the many reasons that, after several years in New York, she returned home. Jennifer was married on the winding staircase in the American Visionary Art Museum in Federal Hill and lives in the city with her husband Kenny and their young daughter Delancey. Jennifer got her start as a writer with a travel piece about her experience studying abroad in London, which ran in The Baltimore Sun. Since then, her work has appeared in Baltimore’s STYLE magazine, Saveur, Urbanite, and SmartCEO. She also contributes regularly to several publications of the Johns Hopkins University, where she earned a graduate degree in nonfiction writing.When she isn’t writing, Jennifer can be found running, baking, visiting the Kids Room at the Maryland Science Center with her daughter, or exploring Baltimore’s varied neighborhoods.