Gail Baker

About the Author

GAIL BAKER grew up in a sheltered cocoon of close family relationships and a tight- knit Jewish community in Columbia, SC, where she lives today. In 1971, she graduated from George Washington University in D.C. with a B.A. in education. After moving back to Columbia, SC, she obtained an M.A. in special education. She and Steve Anastasion, a real estate attorney, married in 1973 and had their son Michael two years later. Today she is a baptized Christian and a member of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. Gail has actively engaged in fundraising for non-profit organizations most of her adult life. She serves on the board of governors of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) and is a member of Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and the Episcopal Relief and Development Corps. She is a member of the Association of Writers and Writing Professionals and the National Association of Memoir Writers. Having researched the interface between Judaism and Christianity for thirty years, she enjoys speaking to Christian groups about the Jewishness of Jesus and the religious roots of anti-Semitism.