Roads to Quoz

An American Mosey


By William Least Heat-Moon

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About a quarter century ago, a previously unknown writer named William Least Heat-Moon wrote a book called Blue Highways. Acclaimed as a classic, it was a travel book like no other. Quirky, discursive, endlessly curious, Heat-Moon had embarked on an American journey off the beaten path. Sticking to the small places via the small roads — those colored blue on maps — he uncovered a nation deep in character, story, and charm.

Now, for the first time since Blue Highways, Heat-Moon is back on the backroads. Roads to Quoz is his lyrical, funny, and touching account of a series of American journeys into small-town America.

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Oct 29, 2008
Page Count
592 pages

William Least Heat-Moon

About the Author

William Least Heat-Moon is the author of the bestselling classics Blue Highways, River-Horse, and PrairyErth. He lives near Columbia, Missouri.

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