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Star Trek: Body by Starfleet

Nonfiction / Humor / Topic / Celebrity & Popular Culture

Date de parution: December 3rd 2019

Star Trek: Body by Starfleet

A Fitness Guide

A fully illustrated guide that bridges the nexus between stasis and health, Star Trek: Body by Starfleet provides real, practical, and fun exercises for Star Trek fans of all ages and physical abilities so that they may boldly live long and prosper.

Drawing from the most celebrated and iconic elements of over 50 years of Star Trek, Body by Starfleet will provide any pop-culture (or junk-food) junkie a fun and healthy way to engage their warp core and get moving. Whether you view the gym as an impenetrable final frontier or regularly bench press boulders like a Gorn, these simple, easy-to-follow instructions — created in consultation with a certified fitness trainer — is for readers of all ages and fitness levels to navigate through a series of enterprising exercises.

Everyone, from an ensign in the Command Training Program to an admiral who’s voyaged through every quadrant, will benefit from the more than 30 exercises featuring Klingon Tribble Twists, Chekov’s Cossack Squats, Jefferies Tube Climbers, and Wesley Crunchers. All of the exercises in Body by Starfleet are designed for standard gravity so they can be performed with little to no equipment everywhere from living rooms to gyms to holodecks. Also included is a section covering nutrition so readers can program their replicators to eat better and cleaner, a workout log for recording activities and progress, and special exercises aimed toward non-humanoid species including Horta and Medusans.
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Page Count: 136

ISBN-13: 9780762495757

Meet The Author: Robb Pearlman

ROBB PEARLMAN is the author of many books, including The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary, Bob Ross and Peapod the Squirrel, Pink is for Boys, and Fun with Kirk and Spock. He lives in New Jersey and sometimes treats himself to waffles and whipped cream.

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"This witty book sprang from the mind of Robb Pearlman, who decided it was finally time to boldly go where he had not gone before: the gym."—-Ron Charles, The Washington Post
"Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide is a choice pick for spicing up one's fitness regimen, highly recommended."—-Midwest Book Review
"'Body By Starfleet' is an excellent fitness book made for all levels with a perfect sense of humor attached to it."—- Nerd News Today
"It's perfect for 'Star Trek' fans looking to fill out that Starfleet uniform in time for that next sci-fi convention and a healthier tomorrow."—- Suit Up! Geek Out!
"This book is so good that it makes me want to be a healthy person... Writer Robb Pearlman digs deep for Trek references from all generations, and they are excellent: Riker's Leg Extensions. Deanna Troi's Active Listeners. Chekov's Cossack Squats. Ambassador Collos' Medusan Vessel Stretches. Why haven't you bought this book yet?"—-Revolution Science Fiction
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