Latino America

How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation


By Matt Barreto

By Gary M. Segura

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Sometime in April 2014, somewhere in a hospital in California, a Latino child tipped the demographic scales as Latinos displaced non-Hispanic whites as the largest racial/ethnic group in the state. So, one-hundred-sixty-six years after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo brought the Mexican province of Alta California into the United States, Latinos once again became the largest population in the state. Surprised? Texas will make the same transition sometime before 2020.

When that happens, America’s two most populous states, carrying the largest number of Electoral College votes, will be Latino. New Mexico is already there. New York, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada are shifting rapidly. Latino populations since 2000 have doubled in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and South Dakota. The US is undergoing a substantial and irreversible shift in its identity.

So, too, are the Latinos who make up these populations. Matt Barreto and Gary M. Segura are the country’s preeminent experts in the shape, disposition, and mood of Latino America. They show the extent to which Latinos have already transformed the US politically and socially, and how Latino Americans are the most buoyant and dynamic ethnic and racial group, often in quite counterintuitive ways. Latinos’ optimism, strength of family, belief in the constructive role of government, and resilience have the imminent potential to reshape the political and partisan landscape for a generation and drive the outcome of elections as soon as 2016.
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  • "Those seeking a smart, data-driven analysis of the politics of Latino America will want to grab a copy of Barreto and Segura's contribution.”—Washington Post

    "Pulling together demographic data, survey data, and in-depth interviews, Barreto (Univ. of Washington) and Segura (Stanford Univ.) weave a complex, detailed picture of the multifaceted nature of Latino public opinion and political behavior."—CHOICE

    "Few demographic changes have exercised the American political mind as much as the inexorable rise of Latino America, and Barreto and Segura's masterful work of social science is a clear and sober-minded analyses of this complex subject."—Publishers Weekly

    “A pertinent, useful study of significant trends in the American political landscape.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Sep 30, 2014
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Matt Barreto

About the Author

Dr. Matt Barreto and Dr. Gary M. Segura are widely published scholars, researchers, and professors at the University of Washington and Stanford University, respectively. They are the founders of Latino Decisions, a leading public opinion and research firm that specializes in issues pertinent to the Latino electorate. Their work is regularly cited by Univision, the New York Times, ABC News, National Public Radio, impreMedia, NBC News, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many others.

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