Thank You, More Please

A Feminist Guide to Breaking Dumb Dating Rules and Finding Love


By Lily Womble

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Get unstuck from the patriarchal dark ages and find love once and for all with this feminist guide to navigating the perils and pitfalls of modern dating.​

It’s not your fault that dating sucks, that the patriarchy has screwed up how we find love. From addictive dating apps that were built like slot machines to advice like “Stop being so picky!” (aka “don’t trust yourself”), to single women being treated as less than because of their relationship status, dating can be a hot soup of existential exhaustion.

In Thank You, More Please, dating coach and founder of Date Brazen, Lily Womble, flips patriarchal dating on its head and challenges you to ask for and get what you want. Lily, who has set up nearly 400 dates, was one of the top matchmakers in the U.S, but in her personal life she was constantly settling for toxic situationships.
After growing up in the deep south, a late bloomer who hadn’t had a long-term relationship, she’d been labeled “too much,” and her deepest fear was that she wasn’t qualified for the love and partnership she craved. She needed to learn how not to settle and to attract love on her terms. The steps in this book are exactly the steps

Lily took to create a confident and joyful-as-fuck dating life that attracted the love of her life. Then, she broke up with matchmaking to become a feminist dating coach and help hundreds of women do the same.

​This proven feminist framework will help you create an epic love life, one that attracts more than you thought possible (more, please!). She includes tips on how to:
  • ditch the self-blamey, rigid dating advice and start trusting your gut,
  • embrace and celebrate your singleness, 
  • own all your relationship preferences and be powerfully picky,
  • date like a feminist and attract the partnership you crave,
  • And more! 
A hilarious, feminist, no BS guide with a joyful, unconventional formula, Thank You, More Please will show you how to ask for exactly what you want and find love exactly as you are.

  • “This is a bold book for women who are sick of feeling small and unseen and think there must be more to dating than patriarchal standards of beauty, female subservience, and desire.” 
    Library Journal
  • “Her bold proclamations of how women should be themselves and proudly are just what any of your friends tired of the apps needs to hear, and is a rallying cry for all women, single or coupled alike.”
  • "Thank You, More Please is the dating manifesto so many of us (myself included) need. Full of practical, seriously entertaining, and insightful advice, Lily Womble invites us to stop wondering if we're ‘too much’ or doing something ‘wrong,’ and instead focus on creating a joyful, non-soul-sucking dating experience for ourselves. I'm following Lily's sage advice myself because it's just that damn good and I know you will want to as well! It's a must-read for anyone ready to heal from their past and take center stage in their own love story."
    Tara Schuster, author of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies and Glow in the F*cking Dark
  • "If you want modern, real, authentic and practical advice on how to handle dating in this new digital age, look no further than this book!  Lily nails it with so much relatable, spot-on guidance — I think everyone who reads this will walk away feeling smarter, more confident and encouraged."
    Faith Jenkins, author of Sis, Don't Settle
  • “Lily Womble is the dating coach you need in your life! She is supportive, empathetic, wise—and hilarious too! Her empowering, feminist approach to dating will give you the confidence to ask for more in every area of your life.”
    Farnoosh Torabi, Author of A Healthy State of Panic
  • Thank You, More Please is a must-have guide to dating for any single, feminist human. Lily Womble insightfully untangles all the ways the patriarchy has screwed up how we find love, and shares a step-by-step process to creating the joyful, powerful love life you deserve. We all tend to make dating very serious business but Lily brings a sense of humor, compassion, and lightness to this topic that helps it all seem much more manageable and, dare I say it, even fun?! Every single person wanting to find love should read this book!”
    Kara Loewentheil, host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast and author of Take Back Your Brain
  • "A laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarming, and vulnerable book perfect for any woman who has ever feared that she's 'too much.' Lily is a treasure trove of practical and confidence-building tips. I'm a gleefully married woman, but this book actually made me wish I could date again so I could put this brilliant advice to use!"
    Vanessa Marin, New York Times bestselling author of Sex Talks

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Jun 11, 2024
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Lily Womble

About the Author

Lily Womble is an intersectional feminist dating coach and founder of Date Brazen. She has led thousands of badass, feminist women around the world to build dating lives that feel like self-care, that also lead to extraordinary love. Womble has been featured in InStyle, HuffPost, Bustle, ABC News, and Oprah Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn.

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