Honey, Baby, Mine

A Mother and Daughter Talk Life, Death, Love (and Banana Pudding)


By Laura Dern & Diane Ladd

By Diane Ladd

Foreword by Reese Witherspoon

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“As actors, Dern and Ladd have spent decades peeling back layers to reveal their characters’ fears and desires. It’s when they turn that focus to each other and themselves that something remarkable emerges.”—New York Times

A collection of deeply personal conversations from award-winning actress and activist Laura Dern and the woman she admires most, her mother—legendary actress Diane Ladd.

What happens when we are brave enough to speak our truths to the ones we love the most?

Laura Dern and Diane Ladd always had a close relationship, but the stakes were raised when Diane developed a sudden life-threatening illness. Diane’s doctor prescribed long walks to build back her lung capacity. The exertion was challenging, and Laura soon learned the best way to distract her mom was to get her talking and telling stories. 
Their conversations along the way began to break down the traditional barriers between mothers and daughters. They discussed the most personal topics: love, sex, marriage, divorce, art, ambition, and legacy. In Honey, Baby, Mine, Laura and Diane share these conversations, as well as reflections and anecdotes, taking readers on an intimate tour of their lives. Complementing these candid exchanges, they have included photos, family recipes, and other mementos. The result is a celebration of the power of leaving nothing unsaid that will make you want to call the people you love the most and start talking.

  • "Emboldened by each day’s revelations and driven by their abiding love for each other, [Dern and Ladd] wade into deeper confessions. The book is at its most memorable and affecting when they work up the courage to excavate heavy, sharp-edged emotional artifacts. . . They yell, grow quiet, accuse and forgive, allowing us to witness their relationship evolving, walk by walk."
    New York Times
  • "Diane Ladd and Laura Dern have broken ground with “Honey, Baby, Mine,” a series of 14 recorded conversations and commentaries that make a brilliant end-run around the one-sidedness of a traditional memoir. The exchanges convey a rich mixture of love, exasperation, nostalgia and resentment that will be familiar to anyone who has ever been a mother or a daughter."
    Washington Post
  • “Even the hardest of hearts might shed a tear or two thanks to the ways in which this book forces the reader to consider their own relationship with their mother.”
    The Associated Press
  • "Family photos, recipes, playbills, handwritten notes, and individual asides break up the conversation transcripts. From their favorite colors to the legacy they share as single mothers and award-winning artists, this becomes a very full and generous picture of a mother and daughter, imbued with genuine gratitude. . . It's quite special to witness."
  • “[T]his is the best, truest, most shockingly entertaining Hollywood memoir I’ve ever read. It is also one of the most loving.”
    The Telegraph

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Apr 25, 2023
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Laura Dern & Diane Ladd

About the Author

Laura Dern is an award-winning actress, producer, creator, and activist. She has received a number of accolades, including an Academy Award, an Emmy, and five Golden Globe Awards. Dern is also a passionate environmentalist.

Diane Ladd is an international award-winning actress, receiving a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and Women of the Year award. She is a three-time Oscar and three-time Emmy nominee, having appeared in more than 187 film and television shows. She is a director, writer, producer, and author with degrees in esoteric psychology/nutrition, a lifetime member of the Actors Studio, and on the National Board of Directors for SAG/AFTRA.

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Diane Ladd

About the Author

Diane Ladd is an American actress, film director, producer, and author. She has appeared in over 120 film and television roles. For the 1974 film Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, she won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She went on to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television for Alice (1980-81), and to receive Academy Award nominations for Wild at Heart (1990) and Rambling Rose (1991). Her other film appearances include Chinatown (1974), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), Primary Colors (1998), 28 Days(2000), and American Cowslip (2008).

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