You Are a Badass® Deck

60 Cards to Inspire, Empower, and Lovingly Kick You in the Rear


By Jen Sincero

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Get your daily dose of Badass.

This inspiration deck of 60 cards contains affirmations and challenges to infuse your day with a bite-sized helping of wisdom, wit, and loving kicks in the rear—drawing on the #1 New York Times bestselling self-help sensation You Are a Badass.

With her signature blend of go-get-’em attitude and wise humor, author Jen Sincero has helped millions of people create the lives they want through her teachings on self-love, mindset shifts, meditation, and more. Now, with this inspirational deck, Jen has collected the most essential nuggets of wisdom from You Are a Badass into a collection of cards to aid you on your own journey.

Half the cards feature quotes you can use as affirmations, intention-setters, wake-up calls, and reminders of how powerful and lovable you are. The other half contain exercises to get you (and keep you) moving in the direction you want to go as you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Equipped with these tools, you’ll be one step closer to manifesting the life you deserve.

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May 7, 2024
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61 pages
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Jen Sincero is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and success coach who has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her newsletters, products, seminars, public appearances, and books. You can find out more about Jen and sign up for her newsletter at

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